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Welcome To Kaz Hughes Art Design

I have always loved creating art. I live it! Being creative gives me the freedom to express and inspire. My paintings are original tactile pieces created with the use of acrylic paints and chalks. Often these pieces have many layers, vibrant colours, lots of texture and some organically created collage. 


My artwork and designs celebrate life. They are a reflection of my passion for my family and my surrounding environment. Incredible inspiration comes from observing my gorgeous children. They are the most creative angels I know ... free, uninhibited, happy at play and extremely able ... loving the outdoors, nature and the "little things in life".


I try to capture the "upside" of life ... positive conceptsrich colour,  contrast and lots of texture. If my client is moved to reach out and touch a canvas which I have purposefully created tangible, then I feel I have done my job well.


'Art" is an expression of me. It is an expression of you. Art can communicate some of your story, your journey.


 If a canvas has inspired you and you wish to know more, please call or email me. I am able to customize design, colour and size, to suit your home and lifestyle. I would really enjoy working together with you in order to visualise an element of your walk and your story.